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Australian-Designed Tactiles and Stair Edging for Your Next Project


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Elevate Safety & Aesthetics with Redstripe's Premium Tactiles, Entrance Matting and Stair Nosing Solutions

At Redstripe, we are your one-stop destination for top-of-the-line tactile ground surface indicators (TGSI), stair nosing, and stair edging products. With a steadfast commitment to safety and aesthetics, we take pride in providing industry-leading solutions that elevate your projects to new heights.

Premium Tactiles for Unparalleled Safety

Enhance accessibility and safety with our premium tactile ground surface indicators. Our tactiles are thoughtfully designed to guide pedestrians with visual impairments, and provide vital cues for crossing points, ramps, and other public spaces. Crafted with precision and meeting NATA P5 slip rating, our tactiles offer peace of mind and compliance with the highest standards.

Stair Nosing for Enhanced Traction and Durability

Step confidently with our exceptional stair nosing solutions. Reducing the risk of slips and falls, our stair nosing products offer superior traction on stairways, ensuring safety in every step. Designed for high-traffic areas, they provide unrivaled durability and protection for your stairs, preserving their appearance for years to come. We have solutions for all flooring types including concrete, fire stairs, carpet, carpet tiles, vinyl and many more.

Stair Edging and Tactiles
Stair Edging for Seamless Transition and Visual Appeal

Create a seamless and visually appealing transition with our innovative stair edging solutions. Our stair edging products visually assist pedestrians with each step, not only safeguarding the edges of your stairs from wear and tear but also offer an aesthetically pleasing finish. Choose from a range of options, including silver, gold or black anodised to complement your design vision.

Unmatched level of expertise delivered by our experienced service team.

Our premium products are designed specific to the ANZ Market.

All products have been tested by NATA Accredited Laboratories.

Redefining the quality and service expectations in our Industry.